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Music Education Programs

When parents ask how early they should start music classes,

I always ask them “What time do you get up?”

It’s never too early… your child is never too young.

Music educators have known for decades that we learn music in much the same way we learn language. By giving a child an opportunity to start learning at a very young age, music becomes a child’s “native tongue”. Recent studies have demonstrated that music lessons for preschoolers can enhance their spatial intelligence, and increase their ability to grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

We believe strongly in the importance of Early Childhood Music Education, and over the years have sponsored a variety of classes, including KinderMusik, Suzuki programs, and First Steps in Music.

Since 2001, Tinkertunes has partnered with the Music House Museum to provide an unforgettable educational experience for students at the annual School Days program. Here are some scenes from the 2010 event.

Although we are not currently offering regularly scheduled programs, our Traveling Instrument Petting Zoo is available for visits to schools, libraries, museums, play groups… even birthday parties!

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Child playing a violin at an instrument petting zoo