About Us : Tinkertunes

We’re all about music

At Tinkertunes Music Studios our goal is to share the joy of making music and to provide opportunities for a musically enriching experience that will begin a lifetime of appreciation!

Our studio opened in 1995 in Traverse City, Michigan as a music teaching facility, and provided private and group lessons in piano, flute, violin, as well as numerous Early Childhood music programs. As our teachers outgrew our studio space, we closed our Logan’s Landing location, but continue to offer off-site programs, such as our Traveling Musical Instrument Petting Zoo. More information is available here.

Since closing the studio, our primary focus has been the construction of unusual musical instruments, and musical sculptures. Tinkertunes, owned by Tom Kaufmann, is also the home for the Upright Furniture Company, and Your Name Rings a Bell – musical wire sculpture.