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Your Name Rings a Bell

Personalized Musical Wire Sculpture By

Tom Kaufmann

These totally unique gifts were created in 2001 by Tom Kaufmann, the owner of Tinkertunes Music Studios in Traverse City, Michigan. Hand-crafted of beautiful highly polished aluminum wire, each name produces its own pleasant bell tone when played.

To play your name, hold the star in your right hand, with your name facing you. Push down on the spiral with your left hand, and release. You can also play different tones by tapping each letter of your name with something hard… a spoon or metal pen works well.

With constant use or in shipment your name may get slightly bent out of shape. Gentle bending—“fine-tuning”—of the wire will put it back in its original condition. The base should sit flat on a table or shelf, your name should stand straight up.

They’re a great gift for the person who has everything… because everyone loves the sound of their own name. Perfect for any age, any occasion.

Each name is custom made. Prices start at $12, and depend on the number of letters, and complexity of design. We offer discounts for multiple orders. For a quote, send an e-mail with the names you’d like to

To see more of the Wire Art of Tom Kaufmann, watch this video: