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Tinkertunes’ Traveling Instrument Petting Zoo

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Child plays the trombone at an instrument petting zoo

Tinkertunes’ Traveling Instrument Petting Zoo gives kids a chance to blow a horn, strum a guitar, bow a violin, play with various rhythm instruments, and to try some unusual instruments like a singing bowl and a theremin.

Each instrument is given a brief introduction and demonstration, then participants move around several “stations” for a hands-on experience. Students can also make instruments like a zither or an oboe. It’s a fun and educational program that teaches how vibrations become sound, and sound becomes music.

In October 2009 Tinkertunes travelled to Waterford Ireland for the Imagine Arts Festival for a series of school programs and a concert.

Each year hundreds of elementary students experience our musical menagerie at The Music House Museum’s School Days. Here is brief collection of scenes from the 2010 program.

The Petting Zoo has traveled annually to Raven Hill Discovery Center for their Sound and Light Invitational, and has been a frequent participant in the Very Special Arts Arts Day at Dennos Museum.

Tinkertunes has also visited dozens of area schools and libraries, and “Way to Grow” preschool programs.